enviroment task 1 keywords

image 1- Martha Rosler : Bringing the war home : House beautiful 2004.


key words;

coordinated, imitation, millitant, hidden, staged.

bringing the war home is a very touching series as it puts the war situations into the home. its a  very staged set of images that have a lot of emotional ties with different types of people all over the world its joins and pushes countries together. the picture also shows how we use modern day technology such as phones to share information across the web within seconds minuets or hours. the militant themes coming through the image the way the girl is holding the phone as if she was looking at a news post.

image 2- inez van lamsweerde & vinoodh matadin, yohji yamoto. catalogue 1999

key words-

ambient, juxtaposed, staged, isolated, landscape.

this fashion image is very staged and out of place, a very out there clean cut fashion image in the middle of a damp dirty dull woodland, its juxtapose she’s laying looking lifeless in the woods filled with flowering life. she’s layed flat and still draped in red and black clothing she stands out against the back ground. the background becomes bleak and bland forcing the red to stick out and catch the eye. i feel its a good advert as its sleek classy and modern.

 image 3- harley weir aw15 stella mcartney
key words-
out of place
this campaign advertises stella mcartneys aw15 collection. the image looks like its been cut and muddled like a puzzle its in a desert of some kind surrounded by brown and yellowey tones. the woman fair hared and fair skinned is dressed in a grey blue dress its complimented by a grey bag and in the left corner theres a patch of blue sky that touches the dress it draws your eye to that point of the image half the models hair is blowing to one side almost as if she’s running from something you can make up a story in your mind about the image.

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