task 2- what does street mean

what dose the street mean?

  • streets include pedestrian crossings
  • alleys
  • a center
  • sometimes too crowded for vehicles
  • adjoining buildings
  • includes side walks
  • lined with buildings
  • permeant paving
  • a roads main function is transport
  • a level patch of dirt often paved hard and a durable surface such as cobblestone or brick
  • sometimes a depressed eviroment
  • street means paved road in latin
  • freely able to interact and move about.


this image is from the street its dirty, vandalised, backstreet.


this picture holds meaning of lonely travles, long days, peaceful, bleak.


this picture is in contrast to the other two its busy, motion, loud.

the street can be used to define a majority of things for example wit have street music, homeless people where the street becomes there home orbit could just be a way of getting somewhere streets are magical places filled with interaction and communication, its peoples homes and gives people a sense of welcoming warmth and being part of something the streets are a part of everyday life weather you rush through them or embrace them for natural beauty weather it be a dirty alley or oxford street in london theres so much going on to miss out on.


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