Enviroment: visual task 1

my domestic artist of choice is Juergen Teller

key words-

fashion, portrait, homey,dirty, raw, documenting, bad composition, snapshot, amateur.

he was born on the 28th of January 1964 and now lives in london but is originally german. he was educated in Munich at a photography school that is now a university for applied sciences. he’s been an active photographer since 1986 till the present day. he’s worked for fashion houses such as Yeves saint Laurent and is one of the most popular fashion photographers despite his bad reputation. he’s worked for big names in the magazine industry such as i-D, face, w magazine and dazed. he loves working with models such as kate moss, winnoa ryhder. he also done a lot of album covers . he’s exhibited work all over the country and the world. my two favourite images of his is his marc jacobs ad collection spring 2010, ginta lapina and andrej pejic. and kate moss “remembering kate moss pink hair”

his process-

he prefers his work in colour, he’s used the same printer for 12 years, film photographer but he’s recently moved to digital. his film camera is a contax G2 35mm range finder outfitted with an on board flash. this gives the photos his signature over exposed effect that goes well with his subjects often dazed or stark expressions he alternates two G2’s while working so ones flash reloads as he continues to shoot with the other. its speculated that the film he uses are kodak portra 400nc or a yellow golden gelatine on the flash he refuses to post process the images digitally and leaves them as they are. he captures his models in their natural habitat, caves, wardrobes, or in water such as baths. he gets to know his subjects well before a shoot this way he gets a more intimate photo.



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