final images and evaluation


my inspiration came from a very personal tranquil state of mind the art of meditation, it is in my environment a happy place of relaxation. where you let your mind slip away into pure nothingness and get away from all the stress of daily life. i used classic meditation poses throughout the shoot and one photo is caught off guard i let my model get comfortable around the lense  she felt at ease and relaxed we went to the rochester riverside to take my images originally it was set in the woods but i loved the look of the open space and the hills of grass one of my images is set on the edge of the river she’s surrounded by cigaret ends and a rusty muddy river side but then she’s in a whole new world in her head. i think i would of preferred to do more test shoots and maybe used more than one model in my final four images but i am happy with the outcome there very raw photos and subtley edited to keep the true emotions coming through into the final outcome. all four images connect well and all relate to both the environment topic and my theme. i feel its a very sensitive set of photos as meditation is a very personal thing to experience and I’m sure everyone who has meditated will agree that everyone is different for me it helps me soothe my body mind and skin before i go to bed. the pictures show an early morning meditation as we had planned to go out early and kick start the day. as i learnt with about my model she didn’t like wasting one moment of the day, this shoot has taught me how to control a shoot and direct the model also how to create a creative connection between myself and the model it let me get a more relaxed photo.


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