task 1 : identity

Thomas struth – physical likeness

Struth is a photographer best known for his family portraits. He is currently based in new york and berlin. Struths photos display a physical likeness to his family life, his approach to family portraits is very straight forward and tends to avoid naratives or artificial events. He relates his work back to his childhood and old family photo albums these albums contained every single family members genetics, a persons appearance and personality. The albums documented how a each member of the family changed and developed through the years. The family photos also show a strong bond in many ways they showed how a group of genetics scientifically connect a group of people but also show the love and struggles of family life. He lets the families arrange themselves in front of the camera this gives a excellent reaction from the viewers point of view as we can then piece together closers bonds and relationships within the family. image A1




struth later carried on to complete and on going topic called strangers and friends, the hard back book is a collection of a variety of images from empty streets, urban crowds and intimate family portraits. My personal favourite is Eleonor and Giles Robertson, Edinburgh 1987. It shows an old couple in a classic elegant looking house draped in reds and duck egg blues. A2Thomas-Struth-Eleonor-and-Giles-Robertson.jpg







Thomas ruff : characterisation

Thomas ruff is a German photographer who is bassed in dussledorf , ruff has been studying photography since 1977 an studied at many schools all over the world.

In his work he captured the character of a person using a portrait photograph in a passport style using even lighting and the subject around 25-35 years old this was taken on a 9×12 negative, the pictures were small and black and white he soon switched to colour using soilid coulour backgrounds, he allowed the subject to pick a colour and then show emotionless expresssions and they woukd be mug shot style poses face on side on ect. He then began to experiment with larger format prints. He blew his work up to wall size proportions, he mentioned once his work connects with police observation methods in Germany in the 1970s. he then started reconstructing faces following the newest police technogly to generate phantom pictures. He then soon started to find it more interesting to recreate new faces from scratch wich often combined features of women and men wich would never exist in reality.



personaly I prefer the working method of struth as ruff prefers to make a person and caputure them that way I cant see any major storys about their life, where as with struth I can make up family stories, make up connections and see relationships.



image A1



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