task 2 identity

Task 2- finding two images displaying class ,gender or race.

Image 1 –


this image was taken at the hight of the punk era, wearing Vivienne Westwood x Sex pistols, they worked together whilst promoting her new shop ‘sex’ located on kings road, London. The shop specialized in punk clothing and helped introduce punk to the streets of London the youth of the era grabbed this new trend and let there personality explode going mad with new styles and mad hair cuts, the trend was frowned apon by the upper classes and older generations as the punk era went against the Monachry. This was a time where ‘sex drugs and rock and roll’ was big in central London men and women were both equal in the teens eyes, they were simply out to cause a bit of commotion and have fun. Fashion had been changed for the time being but what was yet to come was unknown but they had certainly changed England forever.


Image 2-


This image was taken for Givenchy to be advertised in vogue paris 2009 , Riccardo Tisci has brought his clean sharp edgy vision to the brand, using four strong models the women are all dressed in black exposing skin but showing strength and power, I belive it shows how far equality has come and how this can be shown throughout fashion, the brand shows high fashion and has taken control of the industry and leading a way for women to take control.



Both images display a strong lead in a movement, and have impacted the fashion world in some way they have also impacted the way we see things in todays world.




The images display different classes image one displays low class and rebellion where as image 2 displays high class elegance and wealth.







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