identity evaluation.

My project was based around burning the identity from a photo. In this unit I took on anaologe photography, I then started to think about how a lighter would effect a negative and did experiment by melting the negative, it started bubbling and crumpling up I the started to burn over the face, sadly the result did not come out quite how I would like them too as the images was too light. After distressing my negatives I then experinced the dark rooms, this in itself was a task as rembering what to include and all the processes to learn was very tricky. i did like analogue but in the future i would like to keep work digital and only use analogue for personal use as i messed up 2 rolls of film by putting them through the wrong processor i learnt it was to risky and you had to be sure of the images you were taking. all together i did enjoy the unit but would probally use a different model as you can still see her expressions i couldn’t changer her face or get her to come across blank. as she was a friend she was too relaxed around me and the camera and dosent show siocal awkwardness with is the look i was going for. next time i will probably use digital as i feel i can alter the image and experiment more with digital.


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