My Idea: Image Making

I want to base my project around ballet dancers and how their bodies are a form of architecture. The structures of the body will be explored as a type of architectural form in space. How the body is constructed and built using the organic forms of the muscles and bones is of interest. Focusing on what they put their body through on a daily basis to excel in their career, will be the architectural embodiment of pain. Using a tall thin model to enhance the bone structure of the dancer, this will enhance and exaggerate the ‘foundations’ of the body. I want to shoot in a classical ballet studio, using a mirror as the dancers’ critique. Also using it to pick out highlights and flaws of the dancers’ bodies, this will further show the manipulated structure of the body’s construct. Historical dance moves will be featured to exhibit the body’s deformities in space. As well as the obvious manipulation of the organic form, I also want to look at subtle distortions and injuries they obtain from ballet.


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