Darci Kistler: Ballet Dancer – image making

Darci Kistler was born in 1964 in California, at just age 4 she was put in a leotard and tutu, she began classes on a weekly basis and took to dancing immediately. In 1979 she was accepted onto a ballet course at the american ballet a school in New York she officially started the course in 1980 and two years later she was promoted to principle dancer at the age of 17, this was the youngest dancer to be promoted by the american ballet.

in 1994 she joined the SAB’s permeant facility, but sadly by the end of the season in 2010 she had announced here retirement.

she was known to dance as if she was casting a spell on the audience and the other dancers around her, she held an amazing stage pressnce, she new how to capture everyones attention. she was one of the last ballet dancers to be trained by George Balanchine, she carried on his great legacy by never failing to impress  the audience and making a place in history for herself.




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