Wendy Whelan: ballet dancer- image making

Wendy Whelan began ballet at just age 3 in louis vale Kentucky. she began intense ballet training at the louisville ballet academy ,in 1981 her teachers encouraged Wendy to audition for Suzanne farell a scout for the school of american ballet.

At age 14 she was accepted into the summer program and became a full time student. in 1985 she joined the corps de ballet. in 1991 she was promoted to principle dancer, wendy has worked on over 50 ballets throughout her career .

Whelan is particularly known for her angular body and muscularity particularly suited to the Balanchine style. However, with Balanchine’s death in 1983, a year after Whelan arrived at SAB, she only met him once.

In 2014 she announced her departure from the New York City Ballet with her farewell performance being on October 18.

she’s said to have created such emotional pieces from the simplest of moves and your confused as to how and why you find her so mesmerising and beautiful to watch. the way she extends her arms and legs into positions using all the critical muscles.th2cf5451a4cb12cf50ea52cdec0b613e1


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