Contortion of the body -Image Making

contortion is an art in which performers showcase their skills of extreme flexibility. contortion acts often go with other acrobatic acts used in circuses that are typically perfromed in front of live audiences, an act would perform in a collective of 2 or more contortionists moving in cheorographed move and poses often to music, this requires extreme flexablity.

its seen as a dramatic art form and captures the audience. It holds cultural significance in russia and mongolia.

many factors that effect the felexabilty of dancers are age, genetics, stature and dedication to intense training routines.

its mostly down to the position of the spine and how flexible the sone can be theres only a few performers who can do every single move,

some of the skills used to perform are-

front bending- folding forward at the waist with legs straight or placing both legs behind the head.

back bending- touching your head to your feet or your head to your bum while standing or laying on the floor or in a headstand.

splits and over splits- a split of more than 180 degrees may be included i front bending or back bending acts, an over split may be performed while the feet are supported by assistants.

enterolgy- is the practice of squeezing ones body into a small, knee high box or other contained space wich initially appears to the audince as being too small

dislocations- of the shoulders, hips and other joints are sometimes performed as a short novelty act by itself, lifting the arm on the side until it passes behind the head and lies across the top of the shoulders.

contortion acts are highly variable with many using elements of humour, drama shock and sensuality. they can now be found in night clubs, amusement parks, magazines or tv not just circuses, most extreme bends can be achived without dislocating a joint and can only be determined by an X-ray if they feel pain.thth-1



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