Francessca Woodman- Image Making

woodman was born april 3rd 1958 in colorado and sadly passed on the 19th of january 1981.

she was best known for her black and white images with slow shutter speeds.

her photographs always featured herself or another female models. They often show young nude models who are blurred she urged the surroundings and bodies together. Woodman gained plenty of attention before committing suicide at the age of 22. She used a variety of cameras and film formats, but most were taken on a medium format. she had many square negatives that now stay with her parents she created just over 10,000 negatives, her estate consists of over 800 prints of which only 120 have been published and exhibited this started in 2006, most of woodmans work creates a intermate viewing experince between the viewer and photograph.

many of her images are left untitled and are known only by a location and a date with a breif description.

she was influenced by gothic fiction s she admired gothic heroines, she was also inspired by surrelisum as she desired to crack the code of appearance, she also looked at max klinger whilst studying in rome from 1977 to 1978 and his influence can clearly be seen in her work such as the eel series combing performance play ad self


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