Tom Wood

wood is best known for his pictures in Liverpool and Merseyside from 1978-2001 on the streets, in pubs and clubs, markets, workplace, parks and football grounds. these would often be of strangers mixed with neighbours, family and friends.

wood has been described as a pioneering colourist, a photographer who has no rules and has no fear about getting up close and personal to get a fantastic shot.

he combines rawness and intimacy in a a way that manages to avoid accusations of intrusion.

wood was born and brought up in county mayo in the west of Ireland he trained as a conceptual painter at leister polytechnic from 1973-76. experimental films lead him to photography in which he is self taught. in 1978 wood moved to meryseside and in 2003 to north wales where he now works as a part time lecturer in photography.

he has been featured in bbcs tv show what do artists do all day

and has hosted many solo exhibitions such as 1996: international centre of photography.NTLEMEN550


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