Individual Project Evaluation

This project is on documentary photography, where I focused on the everyday in social and cultural situation and locations. Specifically exploring nightlife and how my interpersonal skills have developed so that I am able to approach new people in different circumstances without feeling too much anxiety and trepidation. In order to investigate this theme I decided to use a batch of 3 disposable cameras because I did not want to take an expensive out to a nightclub and also the cameras were handheld, small and black and this made it easy to disguise the process to obtain a better result. I thought that documentary photography would be an interesting medium to explore this topic and it is a genre that I have not considered before.

I researched Tom Wood and his street photography in pubs, parks and clubs in Liverpool and his techniques and images inspired my use of the everyday and a quick snap -shot of the moment. this also informed my use of the disposable camera as it is for that purpose.

I have not used a disposable camera before and I found it fairly easy to use and I do not think I  would use it again for a project and the process was very unreliable, where some of the photos did not come out on the film. I would use this for personal projects as I though the aging of the photos was interesting in the way in which dust and debris is left on the firm. I decided to scan the images into photoshop to edit them by cropping as some of the film had overlapped so that half of the image followed onto the next image.

I thought the project went well in terms of time planning and how it proceeded; however the outcome was unpredictable and the style of the project was different to my usual way of working. I do prefer to work in the studio but this was a good experience, to exploring the ways of working in the first year to take forward into year 2.


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