brief part 2 19th september

beyond photography

12 week unit, deadline 9th december 2016 11-1 am

presentation of work in progress is the 28th of october

what actually is beyond photography

  • looking forward
  • creating new possabilaties
  • influenced by other art forms

painting with light art and photography- tate

performing for the camera- tate

workshops within catagories-

  • textiles
  • liquid light
  • colour photograms
  • story board
  • shooting video
  • editing
  • time lapse
  • large format shooting
  • large format print
  • appropation
  • location lighting
  • library research into photo archives
  • instalation
  • curatoral skill


  • broken
  • colours
  • silk screen
  • relating to paint
  • textiles
  • needle and thread


  • collage
  • montage
  • duration
  • cyanotype
  • colour dark room
  • placing film in film
  • stretching time
  • projecting
  • mixing times with journeys
  • animation
  • audio


  • making reverse of photo an archive
  • digital archives
  • in relation to perfomance
  • analogue or digital
  • how work relates to space and now it will be installed in the exhibition

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