essay brief

a key resource-

photography expanded field october, vol 114, george baker, 2005 , a key claim page 120

essay questions-

1. Discuss the expanded and hybrid use of photography in recent documentary photography and / or recent interest in the archive as a source of recorded images.

2. “The still photograph represents an unattached instant, unequivocally grounded in its indexical relation to the moment of registration. The moving image, on the contrary, cannot escape from duration, or from beginnings and ends, or from the patterns that lie between them.” (Laura Mulvey, Death 24x a Second, 2005). Consider this statement in relation to the experience of time in a selection of examples of visual and/or audio-visual media.

3. Are photographs pictures or objects? Discuss ways in which this question has been explored in photographic and artistic practice.

4. Is the ‘photographic object’ an ‘object in crisis’? (Baker, 2005) Discuss in relation to notions of expanded fields of photography, ‘post-photography’ or inter-relations between photography and other media.

i chose question number 2


  • physicallity
  • time
  • object
  • screen presnce
  • duration
  • experince

a key context:

  • a post modern conception of photography
  • authorship
  • copies over originals
  • a stubborn embedness in mass cultural formations
  • time that links images

a key claim 2:

  • some problems just about all images are photographic
  • photography itself has been foreclosed and abandoned

a radicalisation of view.

2000 words

due december 9th 2016






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