liquid light workshop 3rd october 2016

fotospeed LE30 liquid emulsion technique

safety gear: rubber gloves, apron, googles

equipment required:

  • developing trays
  • tonges
  • non metalic brushes
  • kettle
  • hair dryer
  • material to coat
  • coating area
  • timer
  • enlarger or uv bed
  • negative or acetate
  • vanish metel jar
  • thermometer

preparation for liquid light

  • prepare an easel to the size wished to print
  • pre cut the paper your going to coat
  • set up your enlarger with a selected negative
  • put on safety equipment
  • mix up set and fix in dev trays
  • prepare a drying area
  • lay out equipment for coating the material

liquid light process for porous surfaces

  • pour hot water into a metal container/or appropriate vessel at a max heat of 50c
  • place the liquid light bottle in the water with the cap firmly on leave it in the water bath for 5 minuets
  • after 5 minutes you can carefully remove the lid and pour a small amount onto the surface on your material swiftly use a brush to push the liquid into the surface evenly.
  • once the material s coated use a hair dryer to dry the surface of the material
  • prepare a test strip from the liquid light surface and exposure under the enlarger at a number of different exposure times
  • once exposed place in the developer tray and agitate for 2.5 minuets no longer
  • fix for 4 minuets
  • and wash for 20 minuets
  • dry print naturally or with a hair dryer
  • check exposure strip
  • make final print




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