Jose Romussi

Jose was born in chilli he grew up travelling with his mother watching her paint. in 2010 he declared himself a artist when he moved to new york and is constantly on the hunt to find new techniques to develop his art.

in 2013 he won the international competion, NACH DER ARBIT, BGV,Berlin,NBGK gallery.

a simple concept thats become intricate and unique using a needle and various multi coloured threads he embroiders patterns and words over photographs and magazines pages to view them in a new light.

in one of his works he focuses on ballet dancers as they boast vibrant tutus and propped figures there given floral face lifts.

he spent most of his child hood roaming the cities in his free time. he never formally studied art.

” i found it took the images into a sort of parallel zone that was somehow timeless- its the technique that best allows me to get my ideas across”

he sneaks everything he sees into his work from landscapes to people.

he wants people to feel something when viewing his work.


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