my final idea-fully expanded

i want to start off by enlarging the archive images I have selected by making the images bigger they will become more daunting and have a bigger impact on the viewer, they will bring a new story letting the viewer make up there own personal stories for the characters archive i have chosen to focus on. i want to bring the image back to the now removing the period of time between when it was originally taken and to when i begin to enhance the image now, almost like bringing the dead back to life.

my aim is to encoperate the traditional indian embroidery into my work to mix two histories and culture into 3 final images, i want the texture to create a elegant touch. beading and threading originated from india and i will explore these techniques further later on into the project. the vibrant feel will bring the images back into this time period. i also want to include the traditional henna an art form for the body using this on the body to create 3 indian princess personas the henna style embroidery will cover the surface of the skin.

when presenting i want the images to be in black and white and sized at A2, i hope to exhibit in chatham house so the images feel a tad spooked as my beading with be very monochrome including pearly textures and my images will all be in black and white. suspended from the ceiling so they swing a tad in the room as the draft passes through chatham house.


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