aneta grzeszykowska

Born in 1974, Grzeszykowska is an artist of the Raster generation in Poland, associated with one of Poland’s most creative institutions. In her art she uses photography, video and digital techniques to explore issues of intimacy, self-awareness and self-erasure.
Both Aneta Grzeszykowska and her husband Jan Smaga both graduated from the Graphic Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Grzeszykowska in 1999, Smaga in 2000). Today they are photographers working both together and independently, creating works that are characterised by an intimate approach to their subject. They often set themselves up as their subject, deepening the intimate aspect of personal photography. At the same time, they are very much engaged in experimentation with digital techniques to manipulate their images and create new contexts, exploring the ways in which reality can be transformed. In 2005 the pair was nominated for the Deutsche Bank Views award for young artists and in 2006 for the prestigious Polityka Award.

In her career as a solo artist, Grzeszykowska focuses on the combined media of film and photography to create metaphorical, symbolic narratives of childhood, womanhood and self-awareness. She often treats her subject as a marionette or a soulless character, which brings to the surface issues related to objectification and anonymity. In her 2005 project Untitled (Photographs), she used photoshop techniques to create photographs of non-existent people. Her 2006 Album project comprises over 200 photographs from Aneta Grzeszykowska’s private family archive. Using Photoshop, the artist removed her own figure from each picture, thus creating a peculiar photographic autobiography – from the birth up till now – devoid of the protagonist.


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