My Idea expanded

I want to explore club culture and bring back the 90’s but with a twist. I am interested in this subject, as I feel the culture of this period has an appeal. There is a certain laidback and fun factor to the sub-culture. The club culture was centered on drug taking and this activity is represented in the method choice to highlight a mind altering state. By documenting the ravers and matching the white noise of the computer text that is manipulated in the book. Accordingly, the concept and technique compliments the narrative. It almost lets the book take over your mind and bring the viewer into the story. this is achieved by the employment of slightly fuzzy text to confuse the visual plane and make you feel that you have been transported back the drug addled state of the 1990s.

All of my photographs are to be captured on film, 35m as I will be using an old camera that leaves hairlines on the film; this will give it a retro feel. In order to capture the moment I will be attending raves and music events myself to get the full experience and documentary style shots. Then, I will scan the images into the computer and hack the coding, rearranging the set up of the images, causing the image to glitch and disturb its natural setting.

In the layout of the book I wish to include , keeping the viewer intrigued. All the text will included topics such as quotes from ravers, old slang, and scientific explanations on how drugs alter our minds and create this party side of us. My main focus will be on the culture of clubbing; the series will follow an order, as the night progresses and come up with their own flow. It will start from the journey up to the raves all the way through the night and on the way home, and what you usually see as you walk through these places at night.


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