book binding workshop with Ollie Gapper

book binding-

accordion bind, contained within boards and have a flexible bone with interactive pages that leap from the book.

always with binding ensure the images are well placed incase they get lost in the gutter.

spiral bind

full bled images

soft back book

book bound glued spine but attach the hard case to avoid breaking and cracking the spine so the images will lie flat almost raw.

dust wrap, refined

published, grey the mountain sends

binding piece of steel then screwed and laser etched eventually over tim the book will change and rust

look at how a bind can work with your book

elastic band bind

covers- outwest image half dust wrapped

silk screening, handmade element

raw craft card

gate fold

mini book within book

small details



printing on acetate

layer images

always get advice from peers

equipment needed-

  • needle book hole pusher
  • bone folder
  • dividers
  • binding neeedles
  • thread
  • thread snips

wax the thread through a tea light so it doesn’t slip



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