documentary on channel 4


  • a decade that invented the future
  • hug happy
  • merging out of the 80s everyone was hitting the dance floor
  • factory records was produced
  • the hassicenda opend
  • white boy rock raving
  • spike island, stone roses held a concert that entertained 27000 fan
  • you just threw on something baggy
  • the trend was to be gritty not glossy
  • pills frills and belly aches were big
  • happy mondays formed
  • open fold
  • it was dangerous and exciting
  • gangster rap
  • channel 4 launched the word, where they showed pop culture, celebrity guests, stunts, including one of nirvanas first permonaces.
  • liam gallerger joined oasis
  • all about the groove
  • london became  music hub
  • blue lines was recorded
  • bristol had a dark edge
  • oik spirt
  • passenger puppet
  • raving moved to super clubs
  • cool britania
  • beatle infulnces

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