corinne day

Corinne Day was the photographer of a generation – the woman credited with launching Kate Moss’s career, she spent the 90s working for magazines from The Face to Vogue and establishing a raw, documentary-style aesthetic within fashion photography. Corinne was diagnosed with a slow growing, grade 2 brain tumour called an Oligo Astrocytoma in November 1996 at the Bellevue hospital in New York, after which Corinne returned to London for brain surgery at the Whitechapel hospital in December 1996. The surgeon and oncologist then gave Corinne a prognosis of 8 years left to live. Corinne was not expected to live past 2004. However Corinne outlived this prognosis by over 6 years, passing away in 2010 instead of 2004.

my two most loved pieces of Days work has got to be the 3rd summer of love and tara rocks.


hysical description

Black and white photograph of a young girl, the fashion model Kate Moss, on a beach; she is topless, and she wears a feather head-dress, resembling the type worn traditionally by some native Americans, a bead necklace, and a short dark skirt.

Place of Origin

England (photographed)


1990 (photographed)


Day, Corinne, born 1965 – died 2010 (photographer)

Materials and Techniques

Gelatin-silver print

Marks and inscriptions

Inscribed on the back in ink 102.6% and dated 1990


Height: 403 mm Paper, Width: 303 mm Paper, Height: 305 mm Image, Width: 215 mm Image

Descriptive line

Photography by Corinne Day, depicting Kate Moss, for a fashion story titled ‘The Third Summer of Love’ in The Face, July 1990, gelatin silver print, 1990


Corinne and I got on so well that we ended up spending a lot of time together – four days a week I was sleeping on her sofa or she was round mine – and she was always taking pictures, the whole time. It was just pictures of us all hanging out but we’d put stuff on people – like, Rocky did not have leopard print creepers and a V-neck, sleeveless jumper, that was not his style! So, there was a certain amount of manipulation with the images; yes, the coffee table had that stuff on it but we’d move it around, make it look better. I’d always help her make stuff for the shoots she did and we’d chat about ideas and go shopping together. One day, Mark was just like, “Why don’t you style?” Until then, I hadn’t thought about it at all. I was like, “Yeah, why don’t I?”

The first thing we ever properly did together was for Ray Gun magazine, shooting Georgina Cooper. Young girls would constantly come to the flat with their books and I remember the day that Georgina came because she had this little false tooth in the gap between her teeth. We asked her to take it out and she did, and it was major so, we were like, “let’s do it!” We put her in this 80s batwing dress with leopard print down one side that we found in a charity shop – everything we used was vintage, we were constantly looking for stuff and taking it to pieces. One day we found a red dressing gown in a charity shop for two quid and turned it into a dress that we used in Cigarettes & Alcohol [the Oasis video] because it had this little Japanese symbol on it. I’ve still got it. We’d just sit around together sewing and pinning and making shit, looking through books – we’d see something we’d love, an idea, an image, something that someone was wearing and it’d set us on a path. And we’d get fixated on ridiculous things – I was obsessed with beer cans that were flattened in the road, so we did one story for Purple magazine where we made a belt out of them. We had Mark drilling holes in them all and fixed it all together with paperclips. QUOTE FROM DAZED MAGAZINE

Her work screams the life of tara and her child but mostly tara in her younger days and captures all the real gritty side of life.


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