hacking code of images

Until now Steganography is used to communicate secretly with each other by disguising a message in a way that anyone intercepting the communication will not realise it’s true purpose.
Steganography is also being used by terrorist organisations to communicate securely with each other by sending messages to image and video files, due to which NSA officials are forced to watch.
However in this case, instead of secret messages, the malicious code or exploit is encoded inside the image’s pixels, which is then decoded using an HTML 5 Canvas element that allows for dynamic, scriptable rendering of images.

heres a experiment i did in a foundation.


this is what i want to create for each of my images in my book, heres an example of the prosess I’m currently working on.Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.59.43 PM.png

the process is very simple and includes 10 instructions-

  1. click image
  2. open with text edit
  3. copy and paste the original text into a word document incase the image file gets too messy
  4. then open the image next to the code
  5. shift the code around
  6. do not move the top and bottom text around
  7. screen shot the hacked image before exporting into photoshop.
  8. command s to update

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