about my placement

after struggling to find a placement i decided to host a solo exhibition in the northern seaman, in the micro pubs basement the exhibition was called HappE and showcased my images from the priveious unit story telling these images were all glitched images from rave culture and expressed how drugs affect the mind.

here is my artist statement from the exhibition.I wanted to explore club culture and bring back the 90’s but with a twist. As there is a certain laidback and fun factor to the sub-culture. The club culture was centered on drug taking and this activity is represented in the method choice to highlight a mind altering state. By documenting the ravers and matching the white noise of the computer let it almost take over your mind and bring the viewer into the story. I achieved this by the employment of slightly fuzzy text to confuse the visual plane and make you feel that you have been transported back the drug addled state of the 1990s.



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