reflective journal summary questions

what topics interest you? visual and contextual?

what particular themes arise from your work or did you deal with in your work?

what is the link between your theoretical work and choice of reaserch in your practice?

what approaches did you take when developing your work, what stages do you tend to go through to develop, realize and communicate ideas is there a process pattern?

if you were to asses your approach in both areas, what do you feel works and what doesn’t, where needs to be developed?

where dose your work sit in terms of genre and the creative industry, think abut strengths of our working practice as well as interest?

where do you see your career heading ?

the topics that have interested me the most are the club culture unit in storytelling and the beyond photography unit where i produced indian goddess themed portraits the research for both topics were rich with information the club culture works lead me to write my essay from that unit about clubbing and how it fed into the mainstream i feel i left this unit with a large portion of knowledge. with both my favorite units i looked at different cultures and the anthropological effects they had left on society, this is the study of how people behave in different settings and in different social situations. the theoretical work links to my research as i had looked into the pics intensively and revised all texts i had viewed i made sure all my work was thoroughly reached as i wanted a really a true representation of the way people tend to be in the 90s and as for my indian themed work i fully reaserched indian goddesses and the traditional clothing then resprestned it in my work. throughout my work i was always developing further each shot on my club culture got better and better with every picture, i always start with a short breif idea and then  all start practice work imidiatley expanding my idea as i go on letting it grow naturally as my practical work moves with it, i have direction but i do allow my work to flow naturally, my practice always follows this path as i fell its compulsory to progress in the course  on the other hand my essays never really flow i have to force how to write it never follows the same flow as my practical work, in the future i need to cobncertate more on my academic writing  i feel that doesn’t work as well with me as i always struggle getting what i want to say on paper and the correct wording, on the other hand I’m always happy with how my practical work pans out it flows and the images always look good along with my concept i feel this is because of how much i research into the topic i am studying. in term son the industry i feel that my work is very broad i wouldn’t put myself into a major category as of yet but if i were to lightly catogrise i would lace myself into a creative documentary photographer alongside doing portraiture shoots i am highly interested in doing more body and portrtuire work in 3rd year. I hope when finish uni to further my career i want to end up in the modeling industry working with models and doing portfolio shots swell as booking and also doing my own work alongside this.



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