visual practise task 2

my chosen artist is Mario sorrenti



key words-

tranquil, passionate, haunting.

Sorrenti was born in Naples, Italy, and moved to New York City at the age of ten where he is still based. Sorrenti was born on October 24, 1971.hes also the brother of davide sorrenti a famous fashion photographer who passed away after an overdose. Sorrenti has had exhibitions in London (Victoria and Albert Museum), Paris, Monaco and New York (Museum of Modern Art). He has undertaken campaigns and directed commercials for Calvin Klein, and has shot Kate Moss for the Calvin Klein Obsession ads. He has also worked for Lancôme, Paco Rabanne, Benetton and Pirelli Calendar 2012.

the series i chose from his work is called sanctuary its a beautiful elegant series set in the woodland it brings a haunted mystical theme to the series the models are draped across the dirty moss filled floor the shoot was in 2009 in a english forest area.

sorrenti doesn’t let material aspects of different cultures distract him from the essence of a person he’s photographing  weather it be a male or female and not let social status or background affect him or the person. he strips everything away down to the soul of the human burying down to the core beauty of the emotion and feelings. he forms a strong bond with his model he wants to get a strong connection in order to communicate easier and get a more natural shot he wants them to reveal themselves and feel at ease. he wanted the models to be influenced by their eviroment and become part of the woodland to create a unity between the beauty of the landscape and the beauty of the model.

his work is magically haunted sleek and fierce.


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